Sylmetro provides package tours are excursions or holidays which ‘package’ a variety of services together to make a single ‘combined’ trip in Sylhet division. It includes such things as transport, accommodation, ticket booking and meals. SylMetro also includes the provision of a tour guide and/or leader if the visitors want. Tours can be long or short in duration and distance. It would be a one-day or overnight package, or they could be a period of a month or more.

Tour Program

Each and every wide of Bangladesh abounds in greenery, but none can compare with the beauty of Sylhet. From spinning hills covered in lush green tea gardens and gleaming paddy fields to olive marshlands and reserved forests, Sylhet seems to have been blessed with every possible shade of green one can imagine.  Visit Sylhet is a platform to inspire people to explore greater Sylhet. SylMetro’s tour program covers all touring spots around Sylhet division.

Top Tourist Attractions in Sylhet

The Sylhet district is called the country of two leafs in one bud. Besides the natural beauty, Sylhet district has the amazing of the glorious history. This district’s remarkable tea garden have taken place in the heart of Local and foreign tourists. Besides the Tea gardens there are a lot of tourist attractions in Sylhet such as, gardens Rataragul water lake, Hakaluki estates, Lalakhal, Bholaganj, Tamabil, Bichanakandi and Jaflong etc. There are a variety of different languages and cultures of the indigenous peoples living here. Manipuri dance is famous in the indigenous communities of the Manipuri. It could go one of the country’s best tourist cities in the Sylhet due to the pure beauty of nature, diverse culture, tea gardens and many more resorts. Moreover, Mazar Sharif of Hazarat Shahjalal (R) and Hazarat Shahporan (R) are located in Sylhet. The top tourist attractions of Sylhet are given here.

  1. Rataragul water lake,
  2. Hakaluki estates,
  3. Lalakhal,
  4. Bholaganj,
  5. Tamabil,
  6. Bichanakandi
  7. Jaflong
  8. Malonichora Tea Garden

Top Tourist Attractions in Sunamganj

Sunamganj is a beautiful northern bordering district of Bangladesh. This district is culturally and naturally enriched very much. The top tourist attractions of Sunamganj are given here.

  1. Tanguar Haor
  2. Home of Famous Hason Raja
  3. Cemetery of Martyrs in Dolura
  4. Laorer Gor
  5. Jagannath Zeur Akhra, Jamalganj, Sachnabazar
  6. Gourarang Zamidar Bari
  7. Pagla Mosque, South Sunamganj
  8. Pailgao Zamidar Bari
  9. Cemetery of Radha Romon
  10. Shrine of Achim Shah
  11. Home of Baul King Shah Abdul Karim
  12. Vatipara Zamidar Bari
  13. Bareker Tila
  14. Tekerghat
  15. Baruni Fair
  16. Jagannathpur Shrine of 12 Saints

Places to visit

  1. Bisanakandi
  2. Lalakhal
  3. Jaflong
  4. Tanguar hoar
  5. Ratargul Swam Forest
  6. Sreemangal
  7. Pantumai
  8. Lawachora
  9. Jadukata
  10. Dolura
  11. Bholagonj
  12. Lawachera
  13. Rema Kalenga Reserve Forest
  14. Khadimnagar Rain Forest
  15. Sathchori National Forest
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