SylMetro has been one of the exceptional shifting mediators in Sylhet in Bangladesh for nowadays. We deliver a broad range of targeted local, regional and national moving services for home, house, villa, apartments, offices etc. as well as relocation solutions for every purpose.

But where we truly specialize is in providing local home moving packages within Sylhet or Bangladesh. Whether you’re just moving to a new place or relocating to another District, you can contact with us where we are committed to provide most reliable and affordable moving services in the Bangladesh. We know that in the bustle of moving, your immediate goal will be to get furniture removal services and movers and packers at reasonable costs. To this end, our primary aim with any assignment to take care of all the hurdles that are part of the moving process. That’s why we offer a range of comprehensive end-to-end house moving packages, where we handle everything, including planning, removals, packing, transportation, delivery and unpacking.

Our experience also helps us understand the value that people place on their appliances and collectibles. Using the latest technology, we make it a point to deliver them in the same city they were packed up in; well-protected from theft, breakage and environmental conditions. You can trust us with your residence without anxiety, and be certain that your relocation and transition plans are in the safest of hands.

Below we list out a few of the services that we can offer you as a package, if you’re looking to relocate houses within Sylhet or Bangladesh.


  • Free Assessment
  • Removals & Packing
  • Transportation

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all kind of service. Which is why, before we begin the moving process, our consultant will contact you to assess your unique requirements. You can choose all or only the services required from our service bundles (removal, packing, transportation, delivery & unpacking). Our analysis will include the amount of space and entry points at your current base and your destination. Our consultant will also evaluate, classify and itemize your possessions by type and fragility.

This helps us understand the resources and preparations we need to provide you with the best relocation experience we can. This assessment also lets us provide you with an accurate estimate of moving costs.

After we mark out your requirements, the next step is the removal of fittings and fixtures. Our removal and packing professionals are specialists in household removals and safe packaging techniques. To guarantee that there is no damage during loading, unloading and transportation, and to provide you with foolproof packing services, we use high-grade packing equipment and products like boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, duct tapes, and other materials designed to keep your items safe.

Our service offerings involve anti-damage wrapping of your fragile goods, dismantling of your furniture and careful packaging of standalone items. For clothing that can’t be packed, we provide mobile mini-wardrobes that can be used for hanging them. We also offer ice boxes for items that need refrigeration. Moreover, if you want to pack some items on your own, we’ll be glad to offer you our support.

As part of SylMetro comprehensive door-to-door relocation systems, we have a wide range of transport utilities for all your individual requirements. We make our carrier decisions based on the distance of the move, the quantity, weight and frangibility of items. They are made only after a thorough assessment of your relocation needs and can be changed to adapt to your specifications.

  • Distribution
  • Unloading and Unboxing

If, you prefer to have your goods delivered to multiple addresses in different areas, our transportation plans can be altered to accommodate your wish. We can provide transportation and delivery of items to locations across the nation.

We believe our responsibility extends beyond placing the goods at your doorstep. We’ll also unpack all your boxes, and if you guide us, we can help you place your articles and appliances exactly where they need to be. We also install your appliances in your new home like water heaters & purifiers, refrigerator and Air conditioners. Our fitting experts are experienced in home furnishings and can help you in the placement of furniture and decor. Before we leave, we make it a point to remove all packing debris from your house.

Before we leave, we ensure that everything is organized, your goods are in the same city that we packed them in and that they are placed exactly where you would want them. We consider our job done only after the nod of approval from you and the certainty that we’ve done everything possible to ensure a trouble-free shifting process.

SylMetro Movers takes pains to provide impeccable customer service. Our history of outstanding work guarantees our customers an excellent experience, which involves us saving you all the stress and anxiety of relocation and offering you a great welcome to your new Home. If you’re a homeowner and living in Sylhet, looking for quality house moving services.

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